British National Curriculum

We will make learning exciting and relevant, and encourage children to make positive choices.

At The International School of Andalucía we are committed to providing children with engaging, relevant learning activities that help them make as much progress as possible in all areas of the curriculum and prepare them for the next steps in their education- real learning for a real future.

The curriculum  followed in Years 1 to 6 is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The core of the curriculum is set but teachers are empowered to group areas of learning together to create topics which are of interest and of relevance to children in their class. We also value cross-curricular learning so that children make links between different subjects.

All students follow the core curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Foundation Subjects are History, Geography, PE, Music, Computing, Art and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as well as the Spanish obligatory subjects of Sociales and Spanish Language (Lengua).

We believe that educating children involves helping them become independent learners; the partnership between home and school is fundamental to this belief. Motivation is fundamental and to achieve this, rewards in the form of certificates, house points and prizes are also encouraged.

At The International School of Andalucía we adapt the curriculum to cater for all abilities within each class. Children are supported by teachers and assistants where they have difficulty with aspects of the curriculum. Teachers also ensure that children who are exceeding their expected level are challenged and extended.