Spanish Curriculum Convalidation

Convalidación is the recognition by the Spanish authorities that a benchmarked level of Secondary education, Spanish language and Spanish studies has been achieved. The importance of Convalidación, the requirements and process will be explained to all students at The International School of Andalucía.

It is equivalent to:

  • Year 11 = 4º ESO (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria)
  • Year 13 = Bachillerato

What you need to qualify for Convalidación  at the end of Year 11:

  • 4 (I)GCSEs with grade C or higher (this can include Spanish IGCSE)
  • You must pass the Spanish* and Humanities internal examinations, which are based on the Spanish curriculum. These examinations are inspected and validated by the Spanish authorities.
  • * The Spanish result at IGCSE does not guarantee you a pass in the Spanish curriculum examinations

What you need to qualify for Convalidación  at the end of Year 13:

  • The Convalidación certificate from Year 11 5 GCSEs with grade C or higher 2 A levels* at grade E or higher or 2xAS and 1xA level with grade E or higher
  • *Spanish is not a compulsory subject and there are no Humanities studies in the Sixth Form

Convalidación is required at the end of Year 13 if students wish to continue onto Spanish vocational qualifications at higher level although it is not required for entry into a Spanish University.